Wealth Academy

with Andrew Woodward


A plan to get your money working for you.

Let's get your financial freedom journey started and the lifestyle you want... sooner!

A monthly proven step by step program that shows you how to get your money working for you, implementing what you learn and on your way to financial freedom and the lifestyle you want


- without stress, overwhelm or confusion, and all at your own pace, even if you've never invested before.


How many times have you tried to do something about managing your money but stumbled because you didn't know where to start?

Or you have started, but became confused by all the jargon?


There is a whole financial industry that don't want you to know the answers, and want you to remain uninformed.

If you’re like most people, you haven't been taught about managing your money.

And what you have learned is not necessarily helping you…

Maybe you’ve learned the trap of easy credit.

You’re juggling multiple credit cards and loans – some with 15% interest and penalties for non payment that exceed 20% (and you don't even know it).


You have so many questions about what to pay off first – do I consolidate, refinance, or when should I start saving.


If this continues, you’re not sure if you will ever be debt-free.

Or you’ve learned that money is stressful.

You know this one all too well. Your precious energy is wasted stressing about how you’re going to pay for things. It doesn’t help that your family or partner isn’t on board, so you feel alone figuring this out.


And since you’re afraid of doing the wrong thing… most of the time, you don’t do anything. Then you splurge because you’re so sick of saying NO to the things you want and need…


Mastering this money thing seems like it will take years – and between work and life, you just don't have that luxury anymore!

And, to make matters worse, everyone tells you to hand your money over to someone else to manage... but you can't afford it!

You know you need to do something to change your money outcomes, but the thought of having someone else look at your circumstances makes you anxious.


You've heard stories of people who have had bad experiences with others managing their money. You aren't sure you can actually make any money after you pay for their costs.


So you've started budgets, but they don't work. You've tried being organised, be then everything just goes back to normal, a pile of bills and paperwork. It all becomes too hard, you're drained, stressed and don't know what to do next.


If you needed any evidence that dealing with money is scary, you have it...And the crazy thing is that no one you know is talking about how to make more money, how to spend wisely or how to grow your wealth…

Did you know there are people just like you who no longer work for a living and have the time to be with their kids, travel, exercise and have fun, because their investments are generating the cash flow to meet their living expenses. Their money is working for them!

It’s time to get your money working for YOU…

take control, overcome the worry, and make it a tool for the life you want.

You CAN have the money to live comfortably and afford the things that make life worth living. 

It’s never too late to get started, to build for your financial future and live the life you truly want.

Have peace of mind, more control over your life, and confidence knowing exactly what to do with your money.

Learn the things you need to do…

A plan for your money (not a budget, they're useless) so you have more for you and your family. Smarter spending so you stop increasing your debt. A debt reduction plan - so you can get out of debt sooner. How to invest in stocks and property, the smart way, like the wealthy. Have an emergency buffer saved, just in case you need it. Having a plan for your financial future to overcome money stress. Know how to organise your money matters – simply and efficiently.


So you can enjoy the things you want to do…

Go on a trip with your family where you and the kids can do whatever you want because YOU CAN. Take time out for yourself to do something healthy and fun. Buy a car that meets your personality, not your budget (remember I hate budgets). Enjoy dinner out with friends at restaurants you want to go to rather than can just afford. Enjoy the freedom of knowing you are learning and doing the things that make money problems a thing of the past.

Whatever your definition of Financial Freedom – you can have it.

Let’s make it so you never have to say, “I can’t afford that” again.

Let’s end the overwhelm and confusion about where to start and what to do to grow your wealth.

Let’s get it done effectively and efficiently, and have fun doing it too.

You can go from "Money Stressed" to "Wealthy Investor" with the right actions.

It's possible, in fact it's certain, that you can have a plan for your money, know you are protected and be on your way to wealth.

Be free of money stress for good.

I’ll show you how with a system and the support that has worked for me and my clients.

Who I am…

I’m Andrew Woodward, the wealth coach who rides a bike (300+kms per week).

I run my own business, ride my bike long distances for charity, have the freedom to spend quality time with my family every day, and crossed $1 million in net worth before I was 40, using the exact techniques that I teach inside The Wealth Academy, and my customers are using them to do the same.


But it wasn’t always this way.


I know what it’s like to not know how you are going to pay the bills and overwhelmed with everything there is to learn about money. At 23 I became responsible for our families financial future with no prior experience to call on.

There were mortgage payments, multiple credit cards, living expenses to manage and no plan of how to do it all.


So for a while I just continued to struggle – until eventually I knew I had to do something different. My family were depending on me and I could not allow our futures to be constrained by money and struggle. They deserved more than that, I deserved more than that!


I started doing my research, who knew about money and how could I get some of their knowledge, and quickly. I started attending all the money and wealth workshops I could find, read more books than my school English teacher would ever believe, and developed a passion for wealth creation. I had found my calling in life.


Armed with this new knowledge and a healthy dose of excitement, I began to slowly implement what I was learning, one investment after the other. In fact, I still own our first property investment to this day.


At this time, I had decided that our family's future would be one of wealth, so that my wife and I, and our kids, would have the opportunity to do what we wanted, when we wanted.


I took control of our Money and our Financial Future.


From that time I made the decision to not look back. It took me a while to learn everything I needed, and I made my share of mistakes, but I kept learning, got the support I needed and committed to a secure financial future for our family.

At one of the workshops I attended, more than 20 years ago now, I completed a dreams exercise where I wrote that I would teach others how to do what I was learning - how to control their money, invest for a secure financial future and to have choices. I still have that piece of paper as a reminder.

What I know from teaching people is that it doesn’t have to be hard. And you can learn in a fraction of the time that it took me (without the silly mistakes too).

And who I’m NOT…

I’m not promising massive overnight success. I don't believe in 'get rich quick schemes, and neither should you.


I also don't believe in financial advisors, who tend to make all the money while you watch from the sidelines. Check out the book 'Where are all the customers yachts?' if you want more proof. 

I do things differently.

I believe that if you:

  • Learn the right things to do with your money and establish habits so YOU can DO them…
  • Get help to let go of the limiting beliefs and habits that lead you to where you are today, to adopt a positive money mindset…
  • Get support to guide you through the overwhelm so taking action becomes second nature (and fun)…
  • and surround yourself with a community of like-minded action takers to encourage you and celebrate your wins…


Dedicated to your wealth


You will change your financial outcomes for good.

In fact, once you learn the right way to do things – the things that you weren't taught at school –
you will have this knowledge for life (something the financial advisors don't want you to know).
There will be no stopping you. And it won't matter what the markets are doing…
Or if you have a big money emergency…

You’ll always know what to do and how to move forward. Pretty awesome, right?

So by now, you’re probably getting all excited about taking control of your money, eliminating your debt and setting yourself up for a secure financial future to have the lifestyle that you want.


But many people aren’t able to make the changes they want – and here are some of the main reasons that separate people with money and wealth from those that struggle with money:

#1 They don’t have a money mindset.

Learning how to have more than enough money isn’t just about the how or the dollars, it’s also about managing the emotions that making money highlights. Without seeing how this affects them, they continue with old patterns that don’t work.


Maybe you’ve tried budgets, and stuck to it for a while, only to be derailed by a shopping spree or surprise expense like a car repair or dentist bill (ouch they hurt).


Your limiting beliefs — brought on by the surprise expenses — have gotten in the way of you doing what you know is right, like having a plan for your money that includes unplanned expenses.

#2 They don’t make the time.

They know that all the information they need is readily available - books, the internet, training courses. A lot of it is free, and they may even own a book or two.


But you have 100 other important things competing for your attention. And you’re thinking, “It’s not a great time right now” or "I'll get to it later".


Meanwhile, you’re wasting money on things you don’t use or don't need, making impulse purchases that don’t bring you lasting joy, and missing out on all the good investments (why didn’t anyone tell you about Apple or Facebook back in the day?).


Where’s the fun in that? No wonder money seems so hard!

#3 They think, “I’ll learn how to do this, and do it myself”

They’re right. They could learn how to do it by themselves, and it does work. That’s how I did it. I researched, studied and attended workshops. I learned what to do, and what not to do. I also got help, and it still took me longer than it needed to because back then no one was teaching about the right money mindset and how the wealthy were doing it.


Doing something as big as learning how to become a wealth creator alone puts unrealistic expectation on yourself, and sets you up to fail. You don’t have to go through any of it alone.It's certainly not what the wealthy do.


It’s far quicker and way more fun to learn about money and creating wealth with others who are just as motivated as you—and who can help you when you’re down. You celebrate together. Share your lessons and aha’s. And encourage each other to the next milestone - and financial freedom.

Many people make these mistakes
until they’ve learned how to rectify these natural patterns, and when they have, their wealth grows so much faster.

The reality is that what you’ve been doing isn’t working. You’re still stressed. You’re still feeling scarcity and lack of what you want.

And you’re still not making or saving the money that you know in your heart is possible for you.

Many people want to save more, but don’t believe they can do it because they can barely save $50 a month.

But if you learn to expand your perspective, see a better life for yourself, then you can save up to 10 times more than what you’re currently saving or think is possible to save... and I will show you how.


There’s a lot more to life than just scraping by.

I want you to stop settling for surviving. I want you to get ahead, so as you lay your head on your pillow each night, you know that you’re creating more money than you’ve ever made, rock solid financial stability, and a future worth looking forward to…

And most importantly, I want you to have fun!

I know what it’s like to make mistakes or avoid taking care of something in a timely way – and then have that end up costing thousands of dollars. It’s a horrible feeling. I don’t want anyone to go through this – and after working with hundreds of people to make more money, I know you can learn how to do it too.


There’s no secret overnight formula. There’s no magic pill.


But there IS a way that works and you can learn it, and apply it, in a few hours a month.


The Wealth Academy

A monthly membership of dedicated training, access to experts and a supportive community, that gives you everything you need to take control of your money, overcome money stress, overwhelm and fear, to start building your secure financial future.

Achieve Your Money Goals In An Hour a Week


The Wealth Academy membership consists of four components that include some core training and weekly content to guide you through your success path. You’ll be able to access the information you need when you need it to set yourself up for a secure financial future, no matter where you are starting from and no matter what your current investing experience. You will be able to grow your money and experience at your own pace, with help always there for you. It's like having your own personal money concierge.

Money Mindset and Fundamentals

Credit and Debt

No matter what your situation, start increasing the money that you retain with a programmed mindset for success and the fundamentals to achieve your goals.

  • Take the mystery out of getting more money by understanding how it works.
  • Turn “money” into a conversation that supports your wealth goals.
  • Take stress, fear, and overwhelm out of the equation.
  • Become a master at overcoming any limiting beliefs that have held you back and reprogram these beliefs for success.

Know when to use credit and debt to your advantage – and how to get out of debt quickly.

  • Understand good and bad debt and the difference they have on your wealth.
  • Master what to pay off when, and do it in a fraction of the time.
  • Stop wasting thousands of dollars a year on interest – and put that money to good use in your wealth generator (I'll show what that is too).
  • How to apply for and use good debt to leverage the growth of your portfolios.

Assets and Investing

Understand the main asset classes for investing and how to use them to set yourself up for a secure financial retirement.

  • Demystify the jargon so you understand what you invest in and why.
  • Feel confident that you’re setting yourself up for success. Now is your chance. You can’t do it 10 years ago and later could be too late. Let’s do it now.
  • Get started building your wealth generator for wealth and getting the cash flowing in the right direction (and I'll show you how too).

Strategy and Implementation

Establish a strategy for growing your wealth, simply and effectively, and follow it up with the plan to make it happen.

  • Understand the steps to invest using the selection criteria and research tools that reduce your risk.
  • Learn how others are having success and applying the strategy, so you can do it too.
  • Build a plan for your secure financial future, to have the things that you want today, tomorrow and in retirement.

Designed as a 12 month program so you have all these components mastered, all at your own pace and in just an hour per week.

The Curriculum


Each month you will get 4 pieces of content, released on a weekly basis to avoid overwhelm, plus ongoing support and a community of like minded wealth builders who want to see you succeed.

  • Masterclass Training

    The masterclass training sessions will be a subject deep dive, where I will walk through the details of a subject and show you how to implement it into your circumstances. There will be examples and specific 'how to' steps to ensure you finish the masterclass knowing exactly how to use the information to grow your wealth and have more money. 

  • Expert Interviews

    The expert interviews will be related to the masterclass, where possible, and involve me interviewing, discussion style, an expert in the topic we are concentrating on that month. The aim is to provide you with a deeper understanding and perspective of the topic that assists you to implement the material to your needs. There will also be opportunities for you to submit questions for the expert to answer.

  • Question and Answer Sessions

    Once a month we will have a group class where you can ask any questions about the material being covered, your progress, challenges, or experiences. These calls are a great opportunity to hear what others are doing and learn from each other. Together we are better, the more we share the more we learn and therefore the faster you are to your money goals. Imagine having access to your own personal money coach every month, to guide you, hold you accountable and drive you to higher goals.

  • Tools and Resources

    The fourth piece of content will be a tool or resource to use in your money journey. It could be a checklist, calculator, assessment tool or anything that we have discovered that makes your implementation and success easier. This is also an opportunity to reflect on the prior content pieces in your own time to ensure you do not feel overwhelmed or anxious at any stage.


Andrew has made understanding money and how I can have more of it so much easier. I am so excited to be working toward my money goals, knowing I have Andrew's support.

Ella C, Manilla

I have taken what Andrew has taught me and made my first investments. He has given me the confidence that I didn't have before to chase my money goals.


David C, Sydney

I have had some experience with investing, but wasn't making the progress I wanted. Andrew has given me the strategy and pathway to my money goals. I now know I am on the right track and doing what it takes to achieve my dreams. Thank you...

Tania M, Sydney




I always knew I should be doing something more with my money, but I just couldn't find the time. Andrew has shown me how to make it happen using only a few hours a month. All my excuses are now gone, thankfully, and I am now taking the right actions for success. I now can't wait for my retirement.

Catherine K, Melbourne

Stop worrying and take control of your money. If not now, then when?

The Wealth Academy is what to do with your money, how to do it and to succeed with money.


Every lesson is designed to guide you on the path to wealth. You get masterclass lessons, tools, how-to’s, tips, resources, and a community of other wealth builders, all delivered in a unique, easy-to-implement style that ensures your success.


The membership is intended to be consumed at your pace, in an easy to follow format that you can start at any time and follow the information in whatever order you prefer. I make it straightforward and simple for busy people. I share only the best of what works – and none of the rest, so you can make sense of money and fast-track your success.

If you join The Wealth Academy before the timer hits zero, you will also receive these Extra Bonuses


Here are some extra bonuses that you will get as part of your membership to The Wealth Academy:


21 Days to Money Mastery


In the first month of your membership we will release a 21 day short course of daily money skills to help demystify the jargon and define key concepts so everybody has a good understanding of the material we cover in the membership. This 21 day course is made up of short, no fluff daily outlines to focus your mastery of money.


Value: $197

Manifestation Audio Training


This audio training is designed to help get your money mindset working for you, to get money flowing in the right direction. This life-changing coaching is delivered by Andrew in a 30 minute audio that will give you the framework and flow for manifesting the abundance you deserve. The 5 steps outlined in this audio training will change the way you think about money and life, to help you overcome any money fears and beliefs that could derail your success.


Value: $47

Learn Together for FREE


As you know I am on a mission to help one million people change their money story and achieve financial freedom. I also understand that it is important to have your partner or spouse on the same page when it comes to money decisions. So to make it easy for you, I want to gift your partner or spouse into the membership for FREE, it is my BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) offer.


Value: $2,932


... and you also get a surprise bonus that contains two programs that will save you the cost of the monthly membership straight away. You can effectively become a member for no cost to you, just by using one or both of these programs in the surprise bonus.

The Wealth Academy Includes:

  • Core Success Path training to define where you are now and where you want to be in time (and the steps to get there)

    Value: $297

  • Monthly Masterclass training

    Value: $597

  • Expert Interviews

    Value: $1,000

  • LIVE Question and Answer calls monthly

    Value: $597

  • Tools and Resources to manage your investing activities

    Value: $97

  • The Wealth Academy community Facebook group

    Value: $100

Plus these Extra Bonuses:

  • 21 Day Money Mastery video training course

    Value: $197

  • Manifestation audio training

    Value: $47

  • Learn together for FREE including all the bonuses

    Value: $2,932

Total Value of the Monthly Membership: $5,864

JOIN The Wealth Academy TODAY

(Membership will NOT be offered at this "early adopters" price for long, and never again this low)

Pay by the month

$49 AUD per month*

Paid monthly in advance


Pay by the month

$490 AUD per annum*

Paid in FULL (get 2 months FREE)


* At the conclusion of 12 months, your membership will automatically renew at the same price and option that you joined, even if the current price has increased during that time.


Please note that 30 days prior to the end of each 12 months in the membership we will contact you to remind you. You do not have to renew, although we really hope you do. The content in the membership will continue to evolve over time and deepen your understanding, implementation and therefore results. Together we believe we are better, and therefore will want to stick around in the community to build your wealth.

The Investor's Way Wealth Academy Guarantee


Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident that if you do the work this membership will work for you. But if for any reason that’s not the case, I’m giving you 30 days to try it out.

This gives you a full month to try out the masterclass training, the expert interviews, the Group Coaching Calls with Live Q&A, and take action to achieve results.

This program works if you actually do it. But, if for any reason you don't see the value, then we will give you a refund. After 30 days, you can also cancel at any time, no questions asked.


What makes The Wealth Academy different?

How much does it cost to be a member?

Can I cancel at any time?

What if it's not everything you say - can I get a Refund?

I'm just starting out, do I need a large starting balance?

I already have some investments, is this still for me?

I live in New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, will this still work for me?

Can I keep the Bonuses if I cancel?

It's decision time

I know what it is like to want more and yet not know how to manage money

I know what it is like to start out with small amounts and wonder if it will ever be better

I know what it is like to be overwhelmed by everything that life throws at you and not feel like there is any time to change your circumstances and move forward to your goals and dreams

BUT I also know how to overcome these feelings, frustrations and overwhelm, and to move past the what is holding you back, and I would love to help you do it.

When you join The Wealth Academy - not only will you be buzzing with excitement and eagerness to get going, you'll also have everything you need to make it happen and someone who will cheer you on all the way.

JOIN The Wealth Academy TODAY

(Membership will NOT be offered at this early adopters price for long, and never again this low)

Pay by the month


$49 AUD per month*

Paid monthly in advance


One Year in Advance


$490 AUD pa*

Paid in FULL (get 2 months FREE)


* At the conclusion of 12 months, your membership will automatically renew at the same price and option that you joined, even if the current price has increased during that time.


Please note that 30 days prior to the end of each 12 months in the membership we will contact you to remind you. You do not have to renew, although we really hope you do. The content in the membership will continue to evolve over time and deepen your understanding, implementation and therefore results. Together we believe we are better, and therefore will want to stick around in the community to build your wealth.

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