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"I've struggled to manage my money for so long that I started to think I would never achieve freedom. Andrew's system changed everything, it is easy to understand, and more importantly, it is easy to implement."


~ Dave C NSW

"I always thought that managing my money required lots of time and expert knowledge, that I didn't have. Andrew's system changed my mindset and my results. I now have control of my money and I'm building my wealth steadily."


~ Naomi L QLD

Get Your 5 Steps to Financial Freedom Before It's Gone (Valued at $297)

Since this short course is entirely online, my costs are low, and I want to reward fast action takers. So I'm offering the short course at this special price. I want you to take control of your money and prove you are the right person for this life changing course, so I'm making it easy for you to access the course. BUT I can't keep the price this low for long.

Financial Freedom Angels:

From the desk of Andrew Woodward

Sydney, NSW  



Dear Friend,



If you are struggling with money and your financial situation is not what you want it to be, then this may be the most important financial freedom letter you’ll ever read. 



But First, A Warning:

Before we go any further let me make something very clear: this isn’t some get rich quick program. This short course has worked wonderfully for me and my clients, but it definitely isn’t for you if you’re expecting to watch the short course and be making millions overnight.


Building a successful financial freedom generator takes work - and time - so if you’re looking for a quick solution to all of your problems: Stop reading now.


Now, for those of you left: Congrats! You’re on the way to creating financial freedom faster than your ever thought possible. 

Let Me Show You Exactly What You’re Getting:

First, the 5 Steps to Financial Freedom program isn’t like other money courses with loads of modules: It’s a short, easy to follow solution, with supporting worksheets and materials that you can complete in a few hours.


You are going to get access to my online teaching portal with 5 short video modules and supporting templates that are instantly downloadable, including my Money Planner, Bank Account structure diagram and Debt Elimination worksheet.


There’s no fluff or filler, it’s the ONE process that I’ve used to dramatically grow my wealth and completely eliminate money stress.


The 5 Steps to Financial Freedom will help guide you through the steps that more than just sets you up for financial freedom: It impacts your confidence, eliminates stress, gives you more clarity and even provides you with more choices in life. 

It’s about changing your financial future, gaining confidence and creating choices.


And you can use it for both your personal circumstances and business if you have one. 


Like I mentioned in the video above, I dicovered this process by researching and studying what wealthy people do, and by implementing it myself. You can use this system no matter what your circumstances or starting point.


For example, I’ve used this system to build my muli millon dollar portfolio AND my clients are using it starting from scratch.  


The 5 Steps in this program are used by ALL the wealthiest people to achieve financial freedom.


So like I said, this training is about more than just money. Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll get:

  • How to eliminate money stress with one simple technique.  
  • How to protect yourself from unforeseen money shocks.  
  • The ONE THING that guarantees your success.  
  • How to dramatically grow your wealth (even while you sleep).
  • How to have the convenience of credit cards without using them (and why you shouldn't use credit).
  • The simple products you can use to get started in investing (without needing any experience).
  • The formula for success.

… and more.


Yes, that’s a lot of money information, but it gets better because:


You’re ALSO Getting My Debt Detox program, FREE (Value $97)

This is my proven Debt Elimination program that my clients have used to successfully eliminate their debt (without sacrificing their lifestyle).


In this training you’ll learn the best way to crush your debt, how to identify hundreds of dollars of savings a month, and the FOUR things not to do when crushing your debt.


This is specifically designed for people who haven't started investing because they have too much debt and will enable you to crush your debt faster and more effectively than you thought possible, and still set yourself up for financial freedom. 


Yup, that’s right. You will crush your debt, without scrimping and sacrificing your lifestyle, when you use this program that I’m giving you completely free when you purchase the 5 Steps to Finanical Freedom today.

Here’s What To Do Next:

The investment in this training is just $29, and you’ll get instant access as soon as you fill out the form after clicking the button below. 


You’ll also get an automated receipt and an email with the link which you can save for later and access it anywhere, instantly.  


Now, I realize $29 is incredibly inexpensive for this training, and you’re probably wondering “what’s the catch?” 

There Is No Catch!

Yes, it might seem a bit crazy.


But I’m happy to put it all on the line for you, if you’re ready to take your money to the next level.


I’m making this offer on this page only because I know this information is great, and will impact every person who implements it. 


I’m only making this offer to you today because I want to eliminate your money stress and I hope by getting started now I can help you even further in the future, after you’ve implemented some of this training and see the impact it can have on your money and wealth.

Time Is Of The Essence:

I normally only offer this content to my high level coaching students so I can’t guarantee it will be around forever. This is the ONLY page this offer is made on, it’s not on my website anywhere and I won’t be showing you it again later. 


If you decide to pass on it now the only way you’ll be able to get this information from me is in one of my high level coaching programs.  


Oh - and one more thing:


This Training Will Set You Up for Financial Freedom - Or Your Money Back - Guaranteed

Even though this training is only $29, I want to make sure you see results. I’m so confident in this material I’m giving you The Investor's Way Financial Freedom Money Back, No-Hassle, Lifetime 100% money back Guarantee.


So watch the training and complete the steps, and in the unlikely event that you feel you haven’t eliminated money stress and set yourself up for financial freedom - just email me and I’ll return your money, no questions asked. 


I’ll even let you keep the materials anyway. In fact I hope you’ll keep them and return to them whenever your circumstances change. That’s right - just email me any time after purchasing and let me know you’re dissatisfied and I’ll return your money, guaranteed.


This is a truly limited offer - you’ll only ever see it on this page - so claim your training right now by clicking the blue button below. 

Claim Your Training Here Before It's Gone:

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Regards, Andrew


P.S. In case you’re one of those people who skips to the end of the page, here’s the deal:


I’m offering a short, highly actionable training for people that want financial freedom: The 5 Steps to Financial Freedom, which I created from over 20 years of research, personal study and implementation. 


You’ll get 5 modules of video lessons and handouts that will show you how to eliminate money stress and set yourself up for financial freedom, allowing you to buy back your time and choose how you live your life.


As a bonus you’re also getting my “Debt Detox” where you’ll learn the best way to crush your debt, how to identify hundreds of dollars of savings a month, and the FOUR things not to do when crushing your debt.


Now, because this is an incredibly valuable offer, this is your one opportunity to get it. I won’t be showing you it again, and you won’t see it anywhere on my website - EVER.


There’s no catch to this training, no hidden membership fees or anything like that. I just hope that if you enjoy the training and it changes your money circumstance you’ll consider becoming a client of mine in the future.


IN FACT - You’re completely protected by my 100% satisfaction Guarantee - If you don’t absolutely love the training and you haven't eliminated money stress - simply email me and I’ll return your money, no questions asked.



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